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Attention: To Those That Live Too Far Away From Our Studio

Get Professional Coaching On The Step-by-Step Process On How You Can Make A Total Body Transformation And Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life

For A Fraction Of The Cost Of Working With A Mediocre Personal Trainer

We are personally taking on a select group of distance coaching clients that want to start the process of getting in the best shape of their lives and work with our team to guarantee their success.

[Right off the bat... I will say that I am biased and that you will get better results working with a local badass trainer than one online, so I will encourage you to work with a coach in your local area first. But if you can't find one or times don't work out, then read on because I’ll map out exactly how we can work together to guarantee your success for a fraction of the cost of working with some mediocre trainer at the local gym]

What If I Could Guarantee Results?
Try to get that from your local gym, bootcamp, or trainer.

It won’t happen. In fact, they’ll probably look at you like you’re crazy for asking and then try to pass the buck and say that they can’t be responsible for what you eat or something other excuses.

Well, I’m going to call BULLSHIT!

When a coach…at least a good one…takes on a client, their job isn’t just to give them workouts or teach them exercises.

It’s to deliver RESULTS! Plain and simple.

And that’s exactly what we'll do for you… Deliver Results.

How? Our process works like this:
First, you fill out the application on the next page and our team of expert personal trainers will go over your goals, what you’ve done in the past, how it worked (or didn’t), and your unique, individual needs and circumstances. 

From there we will send you a response with any additional questions that we may have and answer any of yours so that we can determine if working together is a good fit.

By the end of that initial email exchange, we’ll know if you’re a good fit for our distance coaching program and if we're a good fit for you. 

So, at this point, there’s no obligation on your part so don’t hesitate to fill out the questionnaire.

BUT WAIT! I will say this upfront...

I’ll tell you now that this isn’t for everyone. In fact, we know who we help and when we are not the best answer…and we’ll be completely honest with you about that.  

We are going to be VERY picky about who we work with.

After all, 100% of the risk is on US because if you don’t get results... well that would just suck because we don't have a business. 

So we will be taking a chance on YOU (which I’m more than happy to do if you meet my criteria.)

Here it is:
  • You have to be truly committed to your goals: They are your individual goals, not mine…but you must be committed to making them happen. I can tell you how, but I can’t do it for you.
  • No excuses or whining: We can only work with a select few people at any given time so we want to surround ourselves with positive, motivated, get $hit done kind of mentality individuals.
  • You must be COACHABLE: We are going to build your success plan around your lifestyle, your goals, and your unique circumstances, but you have to be willing to follow the plan or work with us to adapt it if we determine something that doesn’t fit.
  • You want someone to tell you what to do: If you just need a coach to map things out, write up your plan, and you just go do it… then this is for you.
  • You are not scared of sweat and sore muscles: We are not going for incapacitation but shooting you straight, will feel it some days.
  • You are comfortable tracking numbers:  This includes food AND your workouts. This is a non-negotiable; since we are not there, to ensure success, we need to see numbers and data to make the best decision possible with the adjustments to your program.
  • You that understand this is a new way of life: This is a lifestyle, not a 30-day fix, so be willing to commit to changing your life to change your body. Be willing to try new things and anticipate that it’s going to be different. BUT… different is what you are looking for; different equals change and transformation. 
Who is this NOT for?
  • Those looking for a 30-day fix - If all it took was 30 days, or hell even 90 days, you would have fixed it by now. 
  • Limited equipment or no gym access - We are a strength training-oriented program so you will need access to a gym or have a fairly well-equipped home gym. Racks, barbells, dumbbells, benches are a must. 
  • No weight lifting experience - you need to be comfortable with a barbell in your hands and on your body, if you've never handled a barbell before, work with a coach in person first before going online. That’s just good sense. ;-)
  • Looking for 30 minutes or shorter workouts - no one got good at anything in just 30 minutes 3x/week. Anticipate 45 minutes some weeks, and up to an hour and a half other weeks. You will be working out on average of 3-5 times a week.
That's it. Those are my requirements. 

Sorry if that seemed a bit callused because that is not our intention! We just want to be transparent and upfront to be respectful of your time. We don't want you to apply and get your hopes dashed because it wasn't a good fit because of the reasons listed above. 
Sound Like a Good Fit?
If we decide that we’re a fit, then we'll design your program to fit your personal needs and goals…and the exercises will be individually designed for you.

No one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter programs. This is a custom-designed blueprint to GUARANTEE that you finally get the body that you want.

Next, we'll tailor your macros (protein, carbs, and fats) to your goals and your workouts. If you have never done macros before, no worries, we'll teach you, you're gonna need to learn anyways. 

Finally, throughout your journey, we'll teach the tricks and hacks we've accumulated through coaching several hundred people to get in the best shape of their lives. These are the scientifically-backed and real-world proven shortcuts that will dramatically accelerate your results.
Becoming More In-Tune With Your Body

Once we’ve constructed your personalized blueprint for success, we’ll optimize it each and every week as your body will be changing and progressing and make sure that you’re always following the exact plan you need to be following to move as quickly toward your goals as possible.

And what truly sets this program apart and guarantees your success is that as my client you have unlimited email access to our team to troubleshoot any challenge that may arise, answer any question you may have, and to give you the motivation and accountability you need to get results fast.
“So Travis, What’s All Of This Cost?”
I know that by this point you’re wondering about the investment for all of this…as you should be.

Before we get to that, let me give you a little perspective. 

The national average rate for personal training is $57 per session. So if you invested in an ‘average’ trainer to work with you 3 days per week it would cost about $684 per month…and that doesn’t address your diet at all (responsible for at least 75% of your results) and certainly doesn’t offer you any sort of guarantee that you’ll get results.

The typical fitness bootcamp costs around $200+ per month and offers zero personalization, zero nutritional coaching…and unfortunately, more often than not, zero results. (Just try asking them for a results guarantee.)

Big-box health clubs rent you access to their equipment, offer no coaching and, in all honesty, hope you never show up because they could never handle all their members actually using what they bought - think about that for a second… What if all 15,000 members showed up?

Anyway, I wanted to mention all of that to you because with all of those options you’re basically buying workouts or access to equipment.

Not results.

With our distance coaching program, you’re investing just $299 per month (minimum of 4 months) to guarantee that you have everything you need to get the results you want.

100% personalized for you. Essentially, you’re buying RESULTS!

Here's What I Want You To Do Next
Click on the button below and complete the questionnaire on the following page. Give me as much detail as you can. Then we’ll reach out to you to go over your goals, what you’ve done in the past, how it worked (or didn’t), and what your unique, individual needs and circumstances are so that we can determine if working together is a good fit.

If at the end of that we both feel like we’re a good fit, we’ll start working together to help you get the body you want.

And, if we decide it’s not a good fit - that’s OK too. :-)

I’ll never ask you for a single penny unless I know that I can get you the results you want.

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FAQ - Here Are Some of The Questions That I'm Sure You Have
What’s the cost?
You have two options... $299/month or $1,000 for the 4 months. The minimum is 4 months because this is going to take us time to learn your body and figure things out. 
What happens AFTER the four months?
Depends on where you are at with your fitness journey. You may need a few weeks of down time or we talk things out and map out your next phase in your training.
How do we communicate?
We will communicate via email. Feel free to email us with questions, but we will want a weekly check-in so we can make the necessary changes and updates to your workouts.
Is there tracking involved?
Yes. In your weekly email to us, we will be needing to see numbers from your workouts, and in your biweekly nutrition check-ins, we will need to see your macros (see the nutrition plan question below). We are going to rely heavily on the numbers and data since we are not there in person.
How does the nutrition plan work?
We primarily use macros and calorie tracking. We use this method because it offers more flexibility for those picky eaters, it gives us more data to work with for your plan, AND over time we will discover what macros and foods work best for your body. 

If you are unfamiliar with macros, no worries we'll teach you :-)
What are the workouts like?
The bulk (about 75%) of the workouts are going to be weight lifting/strength training in combination with cardio supersets. Think of it this way... you'll do exercise A (say reverse lunge) immediately into exercise B (say incline DB press) immediately into cardio keeping your HR between 70-75% for 3 rounds. You record those numbers your coach will tell you how you are going to beat those the next time that workout pops up. 
So, is it all weightlifting?
No! You're not that lucky :-P 

DEPENDING on your goals and how your body responds you may have dedicated cardio days that can range from HIIT (think intervals) to total body sweat circuits, or even steady state recovery days. Anticipate having some mobility only workout days because you can never be too mobile, that's like being too strong. No one ever complained of that lol.  
Can I do these workouts at home?
Our style of total body transformation workouts will require some iron in your hands. Ideally a gym is a good solution BUT if you have a rack, barbell, dumbbells, and a bench then you have a great starting point. NOW, you may need to get more equipment as your body progresses (this is a good thing!) but your coach will help with with what to get when that time comes. 
What if I just want to lose weight? I don't want to get bulky.
As long as the weight that you want to lose is fat, were on the same page ;-) 

Unless you're big and bulky now, getting bulky isn't going to happen with our coaches watching over you. 
What about if I have 'X' injury?
Hard to tell without knowing specifics but if the Dr has cleared you then you should be good to go, most injuries are nothing that we can't workaround. Don’t worry or beat yourself up about it, it's the price of admission of getting older and a privilege that many don't get. 
What about if I'm pregnant or breastfeeding?
I would love to say it's ok but we are not comfortable doing this kind of program online since we are not there in person. I'd ideally wait until the dr has cleared you to weight train or you are done breastfeeding.
What if I'm going on vacation during my training?
We can work around that, it's not a problem! If you have access to a hotel or gym we will still write up your workouts. If your gone longer than a week and will have limited access to a gym we just freeze things until you back :-)
Is there a minimum age limit?
18 is the minimum. 

If you feel like this is right for you, click the button below, fill out the application and let’s talk.

In Health and Awesomeness,
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